Anyone can make submissions on any topic. Submissions can be digital files, videos, links to Google Drive Folders, etc. your imagination is the limit.

Submissions are easy to make! Simply email me (Eric Combs) with your idea and I will be in touch with you.

I am especially interested in lectures that are made at conferences. You can obtain permission to record and share, or record yourself outside of the conference hall.

Just a few suggested topics would be:  Technique on each individual instrument, tonguing, articulation, review of books (positive reviews only please), review of method books, score study, recruitment, retention, instrument specific information, scheduling, ensemble sound, etc.  Anything that you are an expert on and would like to share with us about.  I will accept advertisements (free of charge), but will label them as such and likely start an area of the website for that purpose.  Basically, anything that you are interested in can be included.

Digital Media – Links to Google Drive folders with non-copyrighted materials, lesson plans, links to web sites, anything band directors may find useful!!!

Thank you!

Eric Combs