Digital Media Sharing

A page to share digital documents and folders.


  • AWESOME PowerPoint Slide Decks for many beginner band songs, by Melissa Carpenter.  Great for teaching several different beginner songs, includes links to background tracks as well!
  • Matthew Curley’s website: FULL of free music – mainly percussion, all levels, solos and ensembles.  Lots of great content!
  • “Beginning Band Music Book” by Mathew Provino, a FREE (and amazing) beginner band method book!
  • United Lessons.”  UNITED was originally designed as a group lesson or ensemble activity book that inspires progress in fundamentals and allows for differentiated instruction. It can ALSO be used for remote learning projects and small group Zoom lessons providing maximum flexibility for music educators.  By Peter Sciaino.
  • Flashcards – Clarinet high notes, first notes for beginning band, and enharmonics.
  •, a site where you can view recruitment methods (or add your own!) used by other schools, searchable by size and location.  By James Colombo and Brad Meyer, presenters at the 2019 Illinois Music Educators’ Conference.
  • Eric Combs’ Personal Google Drive Folder.  Featured on the “Thoughts From A Beginning Band Director” Facebook Page.  Includes a free book about beginner band camp, and a 106 page beginner band curriculum document.

Free Books: