About BDS

Welcome to “Band Directors Share!” A site where the content is dictated and provided by YOU!

BDS is a site where band directors can submit materials as well as videos of short presentations in their area of expertise. There are no guidelines for materials, as long as they are free.

LINKS (found in the page tabs):

  1. Video Index Page – Browse for videos by topic
  2. Digital Media Sharing – This is where all the free digital files (that aren’t videos) can be found – sheet music, method books, podcasts, websites, blogs, lessons, books, etc.
  3. Contributors – a list of everyone who contributed with links to their contributions and bios
  4. Submissions – info on how YOU can make a submission
  5. Social Media links for BDS – receive notifications when new materials are added
  6. Contact the site creator, Eric Combs
  7. Donate to the IMI orphanage in Honduras for continued funds for their full time band director
  8. Advertisements – I’ll post them for free if you send them, and they will be filed in the advertisements section. Materials in this section are not free.


BDS launched on December 27, 2018 and had over 22,000 views from 44 countries in its first year alone. It is completely free! The site currently has many free instructional videos (for teachers and students alike), an instructional series about teaching rhythm, free flashcards, 25 free full band compositions, a (great) free method book, a website about recruitment, links to band websites with free materials, links to blogs and podcasts, and much more!

In 2019, through donations to this page, we were able to raise enough money to hire a full time instrumental music instructor in a 140 student orphanage in Honduras! We are not only sharing with one another, but with the world. Click HERE for more info on this continuing project!

YOU can submit videos, files, or links to your free materials (including web sites, podcasts, or ANYTHING that is free). Click here to find out how.

-Eric Combs, Director of Bands at Richland County Middle School, Olney, IL. and 2020 Illinois Teacher of the Year.

‚ÄúPreparing to be a first class band director is a never-ending life-long journey. Eric Combs has created a wonderful source that opens a stage-of-infinite possibilities for anyone/everyone to access. The road signs contributed by members of the profession with tried-and-true data are certain to be a valuable resource to all. BRAVO!”Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

8 thoughts on “About BDS”

  1. I’m working on my 3rd year teaching and I am always looking into new things to help my program to succeed. I look forward to what information people have to share! Hopefully I can add some insight in the future!


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